Sunday, 28 February 2016

Being a child at Disneyland and the ultimate tourist in Paris!

My Paris and Disneyland trip was squished into an impossible 2 DAYS!! So of course I will be heading back as soon as possible to actually eat food instead of being a seriously dedicated tourist and refusing to stop and eat until all sightseeing is done... many apologies and thank you's to my good friend Tamara who suffered with me!

Disneyland was purely fabulous, doing a uni course in a college means we get access to all the trips. PERKS!! 14 hours on a coach with 40 other students was a task and a half, however more perks of being university students among college students... managed to grab ourselves a room each, and of course we made the best use of this set up - One was used for sleeping and the other was used for our clothes, walk in wardroom!!

I think about 95% of the rides at Disneyland are for kids aged 8 and under, however this just made it totally acceptable to act like a 5 year old all day and queue for 2 hours to meet Minnie Mouse, only in Disneyland. The Pirates of the Caribbean  and the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast ride were my personal favourites.

2nd day was PARIS! It was only the middle of March and the Eiffel Tower was first... 3 hours later and feeling like a human ice pop we made it to the top. Totally worth it though to get those amazing views of such a beautiful city! A much needed recovery session on the boat cruise was needed after that, definitely recommended to get a good look at at the beautiful buildings in Paris.

The Louvre was super impressive, especially when we realised we got free admission because we were under 25. Woop! As we were on a one day tourist mission we made our way straight to the Mona Lisa, well at least we tried. Any of you who have been to see it you will know the long corridor it is situated on before you turn half way down into the room to see it. Well we completely missed this turning and continued to walk back and forth like total idiots up that long corridor, after we finally asked for help and it was confirmed we were idiots as we had actually been in the same room as the Mona Lisa and been completely distracted by the huge picture in the same room. So yes don't make that mistake haha! Definitely worth going to go get a selfie with Mona, and also to complete your tourist pictures by holding the top of the Louvre.

Next we went to see the Love Lock Bridge, locking our lock to the bridge and throwing the key into the water making ourselves part of Paris! Until they take the all the locks off the bridge of course. If you do this, I wouldn't stress about getting a lock before you go to Paris like I did. There are loads of stalls next to the bridge selling them for reasonable prices, all funky colours as well!

That was our final step of the day until me and Tamara turned into cannibals. We had a lovely meal in a small little restaurant in the city center, unfortunately I can't remember the name. After a few glasses of wine we made our way back on the train trying to guess how each stop is pronounced before the it was said... the little things that were highly entertaining.

Paris I hope to see you soon and have some more fabulous food!

Thank you for reading!

em xx

p.s don;t be fooled by the super long queue for Peter Pan ride at Disneyland. 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Skydiving Airkix

So for my 21st birthday present instead of getting me jewellery or shoes or any other item, my friends got me an indoor skydiving experience at Airkix Manchester. Not only did I have a huge fan blowing my cheeks all over the place, they also made me dress up as super woman... Can't thank them enough for knowing me so well!

It was a lot harder than I thought getting your body in the right position to prevent flying into a wall, but once you get the hang of it it feels so good! As you only fly for about 2 minutes, I would also highly recommend the high fly experience, it made the whole thing for me It costs £5 but you wouldn't want to miss out on it, trust me!

It was an absolutely fabulous experience and I would recommend it to anyone! Or if  you have a friend who isn't very materialistic and prefers an unforgettable experience, definitely an idea to look into! It can be quite pricey, but if you all chip in £10 it isn't so bad :)

em xx