Tuesday, 24 November 2015

My First Blog - My Journey to Rome

Today sitting at home pondering on where I want to begin my life in the world of full time jobs , and leaving the student life behind me after so far, 2 long years and 2 exciting months into my last year. I have decided to officially start blogging. I thought getting my thoughts down and my experiences into one area would help me realise, I don’t know why, I just have a feeling. Plus it’s a new hobby and I love having one of those!

Blogging is something I have always wanted to do, but never have brought myself to actually invest the time. My main reason for this is thinking why would anyone want to read about my life? Also I am not exactly the next best at this, writing has never been my forte, I was more of a draw a picture to express my words kind of person.

However after speaking to a friend and her telling me to go ahead and do it, as there is a lot in my life people would be interested in. I thought I would give it a shot and see how this blogging shenanigans works haha. 

My Blog is not going to have a basis, I am quite a spontaneous person and currently find any chance I get to travel, eat, volunteer, attend an event, see a friend or visit the newest bar in town. So prepare for a bit of everything! As these last 2 years of university have brought me to travel abroad to 5 city’s, live abroad for 5 weeks and visit many other fascinating places, I will begin on my first of my 5 city breaks… soon to be 6! Yay.

My love for cities began after watching films, as I have always been quite the film addict. There are two films that made this trip a must for me, Gladiator and The Lizzie Mcguire Movie, hoping to go to Rome and fall in love with my very own Paolo of course… Haha!

Rome consisted of the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, missing buses and walking for hours to get home, sore feet and crazy drivers! With all that taken into consideration, it is still my favourite city so far! Spending days with my lovely sister Jodie and Auntie Stella, map reading, eating Italian pizza and pasta in the sun and enjoying the fabulously red orange juice. The first day was Coliseum day. Visiting the Coliseum is something I will never forget! The size of it is unreal, and the length of the queues was just as bad, lucky we had queue jump aye woo! It took a good hour to get round and see everything... Recommended the row of restaurants to the left of the front of the coliseum (hope that makes sense), for great views, amazing pasta and… the shop next door has huge ice creams!
Second day was Vatican City day, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. Finding our way round the Vatican museums to get to the Sistine Chapel was a journey all by itself! Finally I felt some relief when I saw Michelangelo’s paintings on the ceilings, however just a warning to anyone who is planning a visit, prepare to be crushed haha! I’d say the near death experience of ‘crushed by tourists’ was definitely worth it though! 2nd on the list was Trevi Fountain… and yes I did throw the coins behind me, pretending I was Lizzie Mcguire. Again super busy, come to think of it, could have just been the day we went everywhere seemed to be busy. 3rd Spanish steps, didn’t attempt the climb, just stood at a distance and watched others struggle, sorry that was cruel haha.
Third day was shopping day and much needed rest! First shop Pandora, started to make a thing of buying a Pandora whenever I visited a city… I wish, soon turned to key rings, from souvenir shops… I’m a student I can’t afford such luxuries.

Hope you enjoyed the basics of my first city holiday, my first blog and soon one of you will be my first reader. Thank you to whoever you are, and to the rest who read my hopefully, partially interesting/ informative blogs.

P.s if you go to Rome and someone places a bird on your head or hand, prepare to get your euros out! I fell for this one haha.

Em x

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