Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had the most fantabulous time, and ate your weight in chocolate... shouldn't be spent any other way! 

My Christmas and New Year celebrations have all been about family and friends this year. The last two years I have spent New Years Eve away from home, in Spain and the Hogmanay in Edinburgh (it was amazing, I will post photos below). This year was spent at home with my family and friends, playing homemade beer pong and eating lots of party food! 

Now it is new year, and there's always the annual question 'what's your new years resolution?'... In my 21 years I have never had one. However this year I have actually got one! 

Sorting out my Priorities 

First of all, i'm throwing it straight out there... I am an absolute series addict! It all started with Netflix, and Breaking bad, I have since completed 10 more series, all in the space of a year. Haha, I know that's bad, it needs to stop! Is there a Series Addict Anonymous out there? I think I need to go! It's going to be particularly hard with Pretty Little Liars and Suits starting again this Month...
But Emma you will do this! It's my last year of University, only 6 months to go, woo! I just need to stick it out for that time, have more dedication to my blog and start the process of working out my career and how I am going to get there! Way too much brain work for a 21 year old if you ask me! 

Anyway I will be back, hopefully sooner than last time! Feel free other series addicts or ex series addicts, tell me how you did it! All have a fabulous new year and stick out your resolutions, wishing you all luck!

Em x

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