Tuesday, 19 January 2016

21 Things I Have Learnt Since Turning 21

1. First, it's official I need to get my life together! 

2. It's my last year of beings a student, it's officially hit me! No more student loans, how am I going to afford my city breaks and new clothes?!

3. I've reached an age where every family member or family friend above the age of 35 asks me why I don't have a boyfriend... What do they expect when all I am getting is chat up lines about camels on tinder due to this picture... 
4. A hangover now feels like it lasts a lifetime.

5. Every ambition I have, now is the time to start working towards them. I'm not getting any younger, next stop is 30!

6. It is still completely acceptable to sit and watch Disney films all day, without a care in the world. Only for one day though, I actually have to work these days.

7. I am asking for presents such as socks, electric toothbrushes and 'bath stuff'... I miss circling the Argos catalogue.

8. The next big birthday is 30 which is scarily only 9 years away. Thirty Years Old! Yes, I mentioned this earlier, but how can I not, I am half way to 42! so yes in case you didn't realise i'm absolutely crapping it!

9. I am falling behind with technology, the two kids I babysit for have better phones than me and are showing me how to use apps. 

10. I have spent 16 years of my life in education. Which is a bit sickening now I write it down. It's time to start living my life and having at least one year without writing an assignment! 

11. I need to learn how to cook, like actually cook, not just pasta and chicken... cooking lessons for my 22nd birthday? 

12. North West is only 2 years old and one of her outfits cost more money than I will probably ever own!

13. Family members are now apologising for the apology they just gave when they swore in front of me...  no I don't want to grow up!

14. Deciding to stay at home whilst at university was such a good idea in terms of having all the extra  money and seeing my family so often. However, after 21 years, I need to break free!

15. I'm not getting ID'd anymore in some places. Have I aged that much?!

16. I have out grown student nights. Which feels sad until I go back to one and realise every reason why I now avoid them. Sorry bank account you will have to suffer from now on.

17. I have started to complain about all those high school kids running around screaming, I have even persuaded myself that I was never like that... I won't accept it!  

18. I am actually putting money aside for savings, preparing for my lack of student loan when it comes to September.

19. Since turning 21 I have had a day of knitting lessons with one of my few 21 year old friends, never thought that was part of turning 21? 

20. I realised that dream I had when I was 10 years old of driving around in my convertible, living happily married in my four bedroom house, whilst also travelling the world and earning millions at my fabulous job that I loved... Well I have hit reality and I haven't even passed my driving test yet! I will keep dreaming.

21. Wine is becoming my savior.

As much as I don't want to get any older, I can't deny I have enjoyed my 21 years so far!

Thank you for reading once again! 
Em xx

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