Monday, 25 January 2016

Travelling to Brussels

Decided to do another travel post....

Maison Dandoy 

Manneken Pis (Dressed as a Leprechaun)


I went to Brussels in July for just a couple of days with three fabulous sisters and I can say if you love chocolate, waffles and beer... go to Brussels!

Full of amazing street art on every wall you pass, hundreds of choices of beer (strawberry beer is a personal favourite), and chocolate and waffles with every topping on every corner. What is there not to love? It was like a dessert dream.

This was going to be my first holiday staying in a hostel, with mixed views on hostels I didn't no what to expect... Then we found our 'hostel' and it was fabulous! We stayed at the Meininger Hotel a huge building,  right by the canal, great colourful rooms, deck chairs outside and an with a amazing bar that let us finish off ta bottle of wine just because it was  near the end. Thank you very much! 

Our visit to the chocolate museum The Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate (Musee du Cacao et du Chocolat) was short but sweet. A chocolate demonstration is shown at the start which is just dreamy, with chocolate samples surrounding you. After that it's a rather narrow building filled with statues, clothes and buildings made of chocolate, including the famous Manneken Pis.

We made a waffle dinner date during our trip to Brussels, researching the best place to serve us the perfect waffle. Well we did our research well Maison Dandoy - Tea Room, a bit pricier than the street corner waffles, but every square was definitely worth every penny!

Brussels will be seeing me again one day, when I fancy a relaxed weekend away stuffing my face with carbs and sugar!

em xx

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  1. Those waffles makes my mouth water haha:) thanks for sharing<3 Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


    1. Thank you for your comment!

      The waffles were immense, I would definitely recommend them if you ever travel to Brussels :)

      Of course! I will follow you now

      em xx